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NORTHSHORE DIAMONDS RECOMMENDS PLATINUM AND HERE IS WHY !! *** •Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. *** •Platinum is the most pure precious metal - 95% pure platinum. *** •Platinum holds diamonds more securely than gold. *** •Platinum is a true white metal and requires no plating. *** •Platinum feels significant and is heavier than gold. *** Metal Comparison *** Platinum and white gold are two very different metals. The biggest differences between platinum and white gold are that platinum is a naturally white metal, and is more dense and durable. *** The difference in cost is primarily due to platinum's rarity and higher level of purity in platinum jewelry. *** When comparing costs, keep in mind the maintenance required for white gold over a lifetime, such as rhodium plating to keep it white and reshanking and retipping the prongs. *** Platinum may be a higher investment initially, but its enduring nature makes it the best value in the long run. Metal: Platinum ** Color Naturally white with cool undertone ***** White Gold ** White with a yellow undertone Metal Purity: Platinum ** 90-95% ***** White Gold ** 14k - 58.5% or 18k - 75% Finish: Platinum ** Resistant to wear, shows scratches, satin finish as worn ****** White Gold ** worn Shows scratches, develops sheen as worn Working Properties: Platinum ** Dense, malleable, strong safest setting for diamonds, retains embellishments (i.e. engraving) ***** White Gold ** More brittle than platinum, wears over time, less secure for diamonds and precious stones Cost Benefits: Platinum ** Higher initial investment. Lower maintenance costs. ***** White Gold ** Lower initial investment. Higher maintenance costs. Care & Maintenance: Platinum ** Weekly - Clean at home with jewelry cleaning solution. Yearly - Take to jeweler for polishing. ****** White Gold ** Weekly - Clean at home with jewelry cleaning solution. Yearly - Take to jeweler for polishing. As needed - Requires re-plating, possible re-shanking or prong re-tipping. Plating Required: Platinum ** NO ***** White Gold ** NO Hypo-Allergenic: Platinum ** YES ***** White Gold ** YES